WOF EXPO Interview with Ron Cruse

WOF EXPO Interview with Ron Cruse

Mr. Ron Cruse, Founder and CEO of Logenix International, has had a front-row seat for every major world crisis over the past thirty years, traveling over 2 million miles throughout 85 countries.
In 1986 Mr. Cruse founded Matrix International, pioneering evolutionary logistics capabilities across Africa and Asia. In 1992 he organized one of the first post-Soviet ventures in the New Republics; operating the largest humanitarian relief program of the last fifty years, delivering equipment for RBMK nuclear reactor modernization, and transporting Nunn-Lugar weapons dismantlement equipment to the former ‘secret’ cities. Becoming a prized acquisition, Matrix was sold in 1996.

Mr. Cruse established Logenix International in 2001. Logenix is a logistics provider for global health programs, disaster relief as well as other high-profile projects in the world’s most challenging regions.
A recognized thought leader, Cruse has been profiled in Forbes, INC, and industry magazines such as Logistics Today. Cruse’s career journey is the inspiration for his acclaimed book, Lies, Bribes & Peril, providing cultural insights to the down-in-the-trenches training necessary to navigate the real world. The book has been utilized by over a dozen US universities.


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