iHeartMedia’s ‘CEO’s You Should Know’

iHeartMedia’s ‘CEO’s You Should Know’

Ron Cruse, Founder and CEO of Logenix International, has had a front row seat for every major world crisis over the past thirty years, traveling over 2 million miles throughout 85 countries.

Founded in 2001, Logenix was an integral cog in the post-conflict infrastructure development of Afghanistan and Iraq, and is the industry leader for health, power and water infrastructure programs across the most challenging regions of the globe. Today, Logenix delivers more essential medicines throughout the developing world than any industry competitor.

In 1986 Cruse founded Matrix International, pioneering evolutionary logistics capabilities across Africa and Asia. In 1992 he organized one of the first post-Soviet ventures in the New Republics; operating the largest humanitarian relief program of the last fifty years, delivering equipment for RBMK nuclear reactor modernization, and transporting Nunn-Lugar weapons dismantlement equipment to the former ‘secret’ cities. Becoming a prized acquisition, Matrix was sold in 1996.


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